Technicolor 4132 firmware problem and IPv6 setup too !

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Technicolor 4132 firmware problem and IPv6 setup too !
« il: 20 Dicembre 2018, 17:52 »
Hi guys,

I got a TIM Hub router from Italy with 1.0.5 firmware, flashed it 1.0.3, rooted it and then upgraded with Ansuelīs tool.

I wanted to try this router also in bridged mode in combo with Omnia Turris router, although I got 4 IP block addresses from ISP I didnīt want double NAT.

However, I tried to change this routerīs IP address from to as my Omnia router has also address.

Suddenly, I couldnīt reach Technicolor router anymore, so I did the worst possible option and resetted it on the back and I got only TIM Hub original setup with 1.1.2 firmware.

Can I throw this router to the garbage now or is there any solution to flash it back with firmware 1.0.3?

Donīt forward to the forum as this question isnīt easy to answer for many people.

However, this router doesnīt let me to connect by ssh with Putty or Winscp...

Technicolor router as standalone router is otherwise a spectacular item, although IPv6 is a catastrophy to solve, it misses some packages and it doesnīt let to update from
this forumīs repository, within Luci some things doesnīt work like in Omnia Turris router.

thanks to everyone and Merry Christmas to you and your families,


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Re:Technicolor 4132 firmware problem and IPv6 setup too !
« Risposta #1 il: 27 Dicembre 2018, 23:16 »
Hello makili,

I'm sticking to firmwareversion 1.1.0, but i believe downgrading higher versions is only possible via Ansuels Gui - not sure if there's any new usable exploit.

Regarding enabeling ipv6 in router-mode you need to do following steps:

1. Enable ipv6 via Ansuel-Gui
2. change in /etc/config/network under "config interface 'wan6'":  "option ifname '@wan'"
3. In luci-interface enable and start odhcpd

...and voila working ipv6!

BUT: With enabled ipv6 you can't open in Ansuel-Gui the tab where your isp-credentials are entered any more...