What is a 3-Way Handicap Bet? How to Play Effectively

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What is a 3-Way Handicap Bet? How to Play Effectively
« il: 01 Febbraio 2024, 05:31 »

Among the newly popular types of football betting, 3-Way Handicap betting is one of the most attractive betting styles that has garnered a lot of interest from bettors nowadays.
Through this article, Wintips free hot football tips will help bettors understand more about 3-Way Handicap betting and explore how to play 3-Way Handicap bets effectively.

What is a 3-Way Handicap Bet?
The 3-Way Handicap (3W Handicap) is a type of bet developed from the familiar Asian Handicap betting. Fundamentally, 3-Way Handicap betting has many similarities to the Asian Handicap.
However, the betting odds in 3-Way Handicap are rounded off to draw 1, draw 2, and draw 3. Additionally, margins like 0.5, 0.25, and 0.75 do not appear in 3-Way Handicap betting, unlike in Asian Handicap.
As of now, bookmakers offer a variety of bets within the 3-Way Handicap category.
Players can participate in full-time handicap betting or opt to bet on just one half of the match.
Moreover, some over/under (totals) bets are also combined with 3-Way Handicap to provide more options for bettors.
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How to Play 3-Way Handicap Bets for Beginners
Playing 3-Way Handicap bets is not too difficult for new players. However, many are still unable to find the right way to play as they desire.
To help players better understand how to play 3-Way Handicap bets, let's explore through the following example.
Suppose: Liverpool meets Watford in the English Premier League. A player bets 100,000 VND on Liverpool with a 2-draw handicap. The determination of win or loss for the player is as follows:
Number of goals scored by Liverpool (A), number of goals scored by Watford (B).
A – B=2: The bet draws, and the player gets their stake refunded.
A – B < 2: Watford wins, and the player loses the bet.
A – B > 2: Liverpool wins, and the player wins the bet.
Characteristics of 3-Way Handicap Betting
Owning more attractive betting odds compared to other types of bets, especially the Asian Handicap.
The value of the Odds is always rounded, so there's a higher chance for players to break even.
Suitable for hot matches or those with a significant difference in strength and fighting ability between the two teams.
High payouts, attracting many players to participate in betting.
Experience in Playing 3-Way Handicap Bets from Experts
Playing win bet tips or experiences gathered from betting experts are the golden keys that help new players more easily approach 3-Way Handicap betting.
Like other types of betting, 3-Way Handicap also requires players to understand a few basic playing tips.
Through this, the probability of making accurate predictions and winning bets will be higher than usual, and losses due to lost bets can be minimized.
Below are some playing experiences shared by seasoned bettors.
Finding a Quality Bookmaker
Before betting, players need to choose bookmakers with high credibility and trustworthiness. This helps to reduce the risk of being scammed or not receiving winnings when accidentally engaging with fraudulent bookmakers.
Next, players should compare the Odds value between different bookmakers for the same match. From there, you can select the bookmaker with the best Odds ratio to participate in 3-Way Handicap betting.
Staying Emotionally Stable When Placing Bets
Mental state is always an important issue affecting players' decisions.
Before betting, players should carefully analyze each match and make their own choices.
Players should not be influenced by people around them or other bettors.
Knowing How to Select the Right Matches
Each match has different betting probabilities. Therefore, players should choose matches with the highest probability of winning.
A piece of advice is to choose matches between a strong team and a weak team to minimize the risk of losing bets.
Effectively Managing Investment Funds
Betting is not just placing a bet on one match, but rather players will bet on multiple matches and manage their capital.
If a player loses a bet on one match, they can compensate with the winnings from another match.
Therefore, players must control their capital before placing a bet on a match. Criteria to have when planning finances for betting:
Set a target for the maximum total amount allowed to be bet in one day.
The maximum amount allowed to lose when betting.
The maximum amount for each bet.
Analyzing the Real-Time Situations of Each Team
Before the teams compete, they can also be affected by external factors.
Therefore, players should carefully analyze the situation of each team before the match based on the following criteria:
The performance of each team and each player in the most recent matches (at least 5 matches).
Players who are injured or suspended and cannot participate in the match.
Coaches who are red-carded and cannot be on the field to command the team.
Clubs or players experiencing psychological issues or mental crises.
The above information, along with the use of the best football prediction app, are useful aggregated news for readers. We hope that these shares will help you understand more about 3-Way Handicap betting and increase your chances of winning in betting.
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Handicap
Question 1: Is 3W Handicap suitable for beginners?
It is suitable, but a bit difficult to grasp initially. You need to read the rules carefully to avoid making mistaken bets, which can lead to quick losses.
Question 2: Is this type of bet popular?
Compared to many other types of bets, 3W Handicap is not too common. However, most sports gaming halls, especially in football, will support it to make betting easier for you.
Question 3: Are there any special considerations when playing 3-Way Handicap bets?
Bet at least 15 minutes before the match to avoid missing out on the opportunity to play.
Prefer to choose matches with a clearly stronger team to bet on.
Bet according to your financial capacity, and avoid going all-in.
Choose a reputable bookmaker to achieve optimal effectiveness.

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